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KINGSTON — Chairman of the Jamaican Diaspora Foundation, Earl Jarrett, says the Government is taking seriously, the recommendations that came out of the bi-annual Diaspora conventions and other interactions with Jamaicans overseas, noting that a number of proposals have already been acted on.

In fact, he pointed out; the establishment of the Diaspora Foundation was a direct result of recommendations made at a previous Diaspora meeting. 

Mr. Jarrett, who was addressing a JIS Think Tank on June 8, further cited the annul observation of Diaspora Day on June 16; formation of a joint select committee of Parliament to address Diaspora issues; engagement with young Jamaicans, which led to the staging of  a Future Leaders conference; as well as the formation of the Diaspora Institute.

Noting that a number of other proposals are on the table, he said that full consideration and support will be given to these, as the Government looks to strengthen linkages and give form and structure to the connection between Jamaicans at home and abroad.

Turning to the upcoming Diaspora convention, scheduled to take place June 15 to 17 in Ocho Rios, Mr. Jarrett said it will provide the opportunity for the Foundation to assess achievements as against goals targeted.

“There are a couple of goals that have been established that are still alive. One is to establish a database of talent abroad that has to be built on to foster research to determine the true impact of the Diaspora community on Jamaica,” he stated.

Mr. Jarrett said that appropriate think tanks and symposia will be held between conferences as a means of engaging Jamaicans overseas to develop ideas in going forward.

These, he said, are important steps, noting that some are already being planned for the rest of the year. “They will help the Foundation build its governance structure, giving it its own important institutional framework within which to work,” he stated.



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