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Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen has expressed regret at the passing of Dr. Neville Gallimore, CD, JP, and former Member of Parliament for South West St. Ann.

“His passing marks the end of an era,” The Governor-General said, describing Dr. Gallimore as a “patriot who passionately loved his country.” While serving in Government, Dr. Gallimore was known for his slogan “God first, Jamaica second, and my party third.”

Dr. Gallimore, 81, had the distinction of becoming the youngest Member of Parliament in 1967, and gave over thirty years of dedicated service to the Jamaican Parliament.

Dr. Gallimore continued the distinguished legacy of his father and made a remarkable contribution to Jamaican politics. During his tenure as Minister of Education, Minister of Social Security, and Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Gallimore carried out his duties with dedication and enthusiasm.

As a medical doctor, Dr. Gallimore could have worked anywhere in the world, but after completing his training overseas, he chose to return to serve his country, doing so with dignity and integrity.

Some of Dr. Gallimore’s achievements which contributed to the improved standard of living for many Jamaicans included; the establishment of the University Council of Jamaica, the introduction of the Food Stamp Programme, and the National Assessment Programme, a precursor to the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT). He also co-founded the Aboukir High School and Institute.

Although Dr. Gallimore retired from active politics for some time, he continued in voluntary and community service, setting an example for generations to follow.

The Governor-General and Lady Allen extend their condolence to his widow, Angela, and their children.

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