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  • The Governor-General said that Jamaicans need to show respect for each other
  • Jamaicans need to break free from “wrong attitudes, misplaced loyalties, greed
  • The Governor-General called on Jamaicans to be more productive

Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, is calling for greater unity among Jamaicans, so that the country can move forward.

“What we need is unity, so that the best brains and the abundant creative genius of our people may be brought together to devise and implement appropriate strategies for our advancement,” the Governor-General said.

He was bringing greetings at the National Independence Thanksgiving Church service, held on August 4 at the Bethel Baptist Church on Hope Road, in Kingston.

At the service, lessons were read by Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Hon. Portia Simpson Miller; and Senator Alexander Williams, who represented Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Andrew Holness.

The Governor-General said that Jamaicans, including the leadership of every sector, need to show respect for each other. “We need to be more caring, and learn again to be good neighbours,” he added.

Citing the recent signing of the Social Partnership Agreement by the Government, the private sector and civil society to create national dialogue and consensus on issues relating to economic growth and development, the Governor-General said the document has committed Jamaicans to break free from “wrong attitudes, misplaced loyalties, greed and the selfish lust for power, which cripple any effort to unite in partnerships to build Jamaica.”

“We can only achieve our national goals when we release ourselves from the chains which we ourselves have forged and placed around our own necks. We have the intellect, the skills and the resilience to make Jamaica great. We must free ourselves and allow ourselves to fly and to soar,” he emphasized.

The Governor-General called on Jamaicans to serve and work to the best of their abilities and to be more productive, in order to put the country on a firm path to prosperity.

Meanwhile, Pastor of Waltham Park New Testament Church of God, Rev. Dr. Roy Notice, who preached the sermon, called on citizens to use the National Anthem and the National Pledge as guides to help them to be good citizens.

He noted that the National Anthem and Pledge remind people of their identity, commitment and values as a nation. “They can be used as guides for our children and to remind us as to where we are coming from and a vision as to where we intend to go,” he said.

Reverend Notice also called on Jamaicans to be responsible and to look out for their neighbours and the most vulnerable in the country.

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