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Governor General His Excellency, the Most Hon. Professor Kenneth Hall has emphasized that significant social transformation would require the pursuit of excellence in all of the country’s endeavours.
The Governor General was speaking at St. Gabriel’s Anglican Church Hall on Thursday (May 4) where he met with the Custos R. James deRoux, Mayor of May Pen, Councillor Milton Brown, Members of the Lay Magistrates Association, and several other representatives of the parish. He also visited a number of schools.
“I therefore encourage all of us to think about Jamaica and to create a vision that is inclusive of all our efforts. Let us do so with a focus on the theme of excellence, because in this changing world it is the only hope that we have to sustain the achievements, which we have done today that they will last for the next 20 years,” he said.
He said that excellence must be achieved every day, in every activity and that this should become a habit rather than an act.
“Every day that we live in this country, excellence must become our new motto. We must work for it consistently, we must use it as our guide, we must use it as our philosophical apparatus in creating a society that we can be proud of.Jamaica would be a different place if we all pursued excellence in all the things we do,” Professor Hall said.
He also said that if the message of excellence was delivered to every part of the country, significant transformation would emerge. “Act on it (excellence), make sure that you nurture it and above all when you see it, not only acknowledge it but reward those who have pursued excellence as a way of life,” he stated.
Custos de Roux in welcoming the Governor General and his wife Her Excellency, Rheima Hall said, “You have come to your new office at King’s House with an outstanding record of achievement in the field of education as well as your good name. We’re also very confident that you will both continue to keep the dignity and integrity of Kings House as it always has been, we have no doubt of that and we welcome you to Kings House”.
He also toured the science and computer laboratories, as well as the library at Glenmuir High School, and was feted by the school’s gold medal winning festival choir at the church hall.The Governor General’s visit to Clarendon is one in a series of stops during his island wide tour, which began on April 26. He has already been to the parishes of Hanover, St. Thomas, Westmoreland, St. James, Trelawny, Portland and St. Elizabeth.

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