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Minister without Portfolio with responsibility for the Public Service, Senator Arthur Williams, says that the Police Federation has today, formally accepted the Government’s offer to settle the 7% wage issue. This now means that all public sector groups have accepted the Government’s offer to settle the outstanding wage issue. 

Minister Williams expressed his thanks to the public sector workers for their patience and understanding of the difficulties which faced the country and which resulted in the wage increase not being instituted before now. 

Minister Williams said that he is asking for the continued co-operation of public sector workers as the Government moves to implement the recommendations of the Public Sector Transformation Unit and to agree on other public sector reform issues which are of critical importance to the country’s continued relationship with the International Monetary Fund.      

Minister Williams further advised that the signing of the Heads of Agreement which was postponed from Friday June 24 will be scheduled for later this week so that implementation of the agreement can take place in September of this year.

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