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National Youth Service


Established in  1973, the National Youth Service (NYS) was re-launched in 1995 after a 12 year  break amidst major concerns about the high level of youth unemployment,  academic underachievement, the lack of training opportunities for young people  and their escalating trend toward anti-social behaviour. The organization, therefore, aims to equip youths with the necessary life  coping skills to foster their personal and career development as well as enhance  their contribution to community and national development.


  • To train youths within the 17 – 24 age cohort in practical services to  serve as entry level staff in Public and Private sector organisations.
  • To provide participants with employability skills training needed to  function in the world of work
  • To  develop public and private sector partnerships in order to expand the reach of  the NYS
  • To  train and develop staff in the requisite skills and competencies with view to  enhance the process of contemporary management of programme delivery.
  • To  build and maintain robust relationships with the communities.
  • To  strengthen collaborative efforts between and among existing partners.



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