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Minister of National Security, Senator the Hon. Dwight Nelson, has said the Government intends to wage a relentless battle against the criminals in the country, and to retake the communities, the towns and the parishes.
“We are going to retake our country and make it a safe place for us to live in, to work, operate our businesses and educate our children,” the Minister declared.
Senator Nelson was speaking at a church service, held at the Mandeville Baptist Church on June 28, to commission a closed circuit television (CCTV) in the town of Mandeville.
The video camera surveillance system forms part of the overall Closed To Crime Initiative (CTCI), to provide the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) with technology to assist in their efforts to tackle crime in Manchester.
Senator Nelson said the development and implementation of the CCTV in the town resulted from a meaningful partnership among the Government, the JCF, and the business community, represented by the Manchester Chamber of Commerce.
“Such partnership deserves the highest commendation, because it is a fundamental requirement if we are able to successfully fight and prevent crimes and improve public order and security. In this regard, I would like to acknowledge the work done by the Mandeville community and the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, in particular,” he said.
The Minister pointed out that the mere installation of the cameras will not guarantee total success against crime and violence. “We have to ensure that the cameras are monitored and that the police have the capacity to respond rapidly and appropriately to incidents picked up by these cameras. This means too, that we have to ensure that there is competent radio dispatch available, manpower and required mobility. The Ministry will be working with the Commissioner of Police and the local Police Command to ensure that the response capability is put in place,” he added.
Senator Nelson said the use of the surveillance system should be viewed as a contributing factor in fostering a safe and secure environment, that will facilitate and encourage investment and economic activities in Mandeville and its environs.
“I therefore assure you that my Ministry will be working with the local authorities to ensure continuity, to enhance success and ensure that this system continues as a vital tool in the crime fighting efforts of Mandeville,” he said.
President of the Mandeville Chamber of Commerce, Winston Lawson Jr., said there is much to be learnt from this collaborative effort. “There is a deliberate message being sent from this effort, that despite the challenges and the temporary fall-out in the all important bauxite sector, we are sending the message that the parish is still very much open for business and closed to crime,” he said.
Meanwhile, Superintendent of Police in charge of Manchester, Ryland Salmon, pointed out that on the first day of activation of the CCTV in Mandeville, the police were able to detect 162 breaches under the road Traffic Act, persons selling illegal drugs in the town, and apprehend alleged rapists.
Mandeville is the second town to have CCTV installed, with the town of May Pen being the first in December 2008.
The system for Montego Bay is up for tender, and according to Minister Nelson, the Ministry of National Security is looking to extend CCTV to Ocho Rios, Portmore and Kingston.

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