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Prime Minister Andrew Holness said that government has to become more efficient in its operations and he will shortly be outlining the policies for private/public partnerships that will lead to job creation.

Mr. Holness was speaking as a press conference in Kingston on Wednesday December 14, 2011.

“Governments have to refocus on making their operations efficient, frugal, and sound. Governments have to focus on supporting and facilitating the private sector; that is what we are doing. This government will soon launch a public/private partnership policy that will delineate clearly what governments will do, and what the private sector will do in partnering for this growth, Mr. Holness said.

Mr. Holness said that the administration accepted that efficiency was an important component in sustainable growth, and the current arrangements with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was the only way forward

“This government is faced with various challenges; one of them is fulfilling the requirements of an IMF deal. This is not an imposition on us, this is something we have to do to get our economy right, and this governmenthas started on that path. There is no renegotiation possible, there is no other way possible, this is the way,” the Prime Minister said.

Over the past two years government has made significant efficiency moves including the sale of its sugar industry assets; assets in Clarendon Alumina Partners and the national airline, Air Jamaica. 

Government’s public sector modernisation programme was tabled in Parliament in June; and four ministries lead the process, including the Office of the Prime Minister.


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