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Cabinet has authorised the acquisition of a building at 230 Sheppard Avenue in Western Ontario, Canada by the Government of Jamaica at a cost of Can$1.435 million, to house the Jamaica Liaison Service.
The announcement was made by Minister of Information, Senator Burchell Whiteman at a post-Cabinet press briefing on Monday (Oct.13) at Jamaica House.
The Liaison Service is responsible for ensuring the welfare of Jamaican workers in the Canada/Jamaica Farm Workers Programme. The Liaison Service currently occupies leased premises at a monthly rental cost of Can$7,955.
The office to be purchased is a two-storey building with a total floor space of 636.36 square metres, of which the Liaison Service will occupy 318.18 square metres. The remainder of the building, on which there is an existing long-term lease will generate monthly rental income of Can$7,500.
The rental payments saved and the projected earnings from the existing lease represent approximately 13 per cent return on the investment. The building will be purchased from the revenues, which the Liaison Service has been able to raise.
Over the last eight years, the number of persons employed under the Jamaica/Canada Farm Workers Programme has increased by approximately 25 per cent. Coming from 4,481 farm workers employed in that programme in 1995, the number has increased to 5,642 this year.
“It has been a good source of experience and income for many Jamaican workers and indeed their families have been beneficiaries of this programme,” Minister Whiteman said.

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