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Governor General, His Excellency the Most Honourable Sir Howard Cooke, has said that during the new legislative year, the Government would continue to deepen the process of democracy through increased engagement of citizens at the local level and to further unite citizens in the fight against crime and violence, public indiscipline and disorder.
The Governor General, who was delivering the Throne Speech at the State Opening of Parliament today, said that among areas to be given focus are: the establishment and maintenance of public order; the enlargement and qualitative improvement of educational and training opportunities for personal growth and economic advancement; maintaining the momentum on facilitating investment and increasing the level of growth; seeking to forge greater unity within the Jamaican community at home and abroad and fostering the universal acceptance of the values of respect, civility, discipline and caring.
“There is no greater objective identified by this Government than to foster a unity of purpose and build the social cohesion which puts the national interest first at all times,” Sir Howard stated.
Pointing to achievements during the last fiscal year, he said that notwithstanding the fiscal challenges, there were significant investment in health, education and training, agriculture, infrastructure development and tourism, which had facilitated social equity and economic growth.
He said Jamaicans could take pride in the positive assessments being made locally and in the international community about the country’s achievements. “We are encouraged by the level of new investment recently announced and the fact that we have been ranked among the top ten countries in the world on the basis of our business and investor friendliness,” he stated.
In addition, he pointed to the passage of ground-breaking legislation affecting the care and protection of children and the rights of spouses and the passage of the new Companies Act and the Caribbean Community Act, which have created a modern framework for doing business within the country and the wider Caribbean.
Sir Howard’s presentation was made under the theme: ‘One Vision, One People: A Strong Jamaica’.

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