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Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Energy and Mining, Marcia Forbes, has said that the Government remains steadfast in striking and maintaining a delicate balance between the pursuit of energy resources and the preservation of the country’s environment.
“I am extremely confident that Jamaica will achieve this endeavour, not just because of the Government’s commitment to energy conservation and the development of renewable energy, but more importantly because the people of this country will be helping us to drive this process,” Mrs. Forbes said.
She was speaking at the official launch of Green Expo 2009, on June 4, at the National Arena, in Kingston. The three-day expo is being held under the theme: ‘A better environment equals a better life: do the right thing’.
Green expo seeks to raise public environmental awareness, particularly regarding the promotion of the use and availability of environmentally friendly products and services and will highlight the environmental work of various organisations and companies in order to encourage visitors to take positive environmental actions.
Mrs. Forbes pointed out that events, such as the green expo, will enable stakeholders to engage the Jamaican public in meaningful dialogue about key environmental issues, while empowering them with information they can use in their everyday lives to make informed decisions.

Minister of National Security, Senator Dwight Nelson (right), sharing pleasantries with (from left), Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Mining, Marcia Forbes;, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Jennifer Griffith; Deputy Director of Tourism, David Shields and Chairman, Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust, Robert Stephens, at the opening of Green Expo 2009, which took place on June 4, at the National Arena.

“I want to encourage Jamaicans to come out in their thousands to support this fun and educational family event,” she said.
In his remarks, Deputy Director of Tourism, David Shields, said the green expo is essential to all citizens, both individual and corporate.
“For those of us in the tourism industry, the environment is always critical. Jamaica’s tourism is inextricably linked with the environment. As we promote the beauty of our homeland, we have to be mindful that our decisions and actions are impacting the environment,” Mr. Shields argued.
“The majority of Jamaica’s attractions are heavily dependent on the environment for their survival and the very essence of what we market, our diverse landscapes, the rivers, the flora and fauna, which are endemic to this country, all rely on the quality of our environment,” he added.
The green expo, which will open at 10:00 a.m. each day, is being hosted by the Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust (JCDT). The JCDT is a registered not for profit company and its mission is to promote environmental conservation and sustainable development, with particular emphasis on the Blue and John Crow National Park.

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