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Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, says her administration remains committed to a vibrant partnership with all critical stakeholders, including the private and public sectors.

Speaking today at her swearing-in ceremony, Mrs. Simpson Miller added that the government is also committed to international partners, particularly the International Monetary Fund (IMF), as the administration identifies the basis for a new agreement with the Fund.

The Prime Ministerpointed outthat the new government’s policies are based on the principle that the private sector is a main participant in shaping the economy.  However, she said in a time of crisis, the government must act to stimulate growth and to restore confidence in the country’s ability to pay its way.

"Hence, in the short and medium term, we will use state resources to stimulate employment through the Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme (JEEP).  We will do so in a transparent and non-partisan manner, to improve critical areas, such as the infrastructure and the environment, which support economic growth,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said the government will also broaden and deepen its input into the Regional Integration Movement, by restoring Jamaica’s vibrant and vigorous participation.

She highlighted one important agenda item, which is to establish the Caribbean Court of Justice at the country’s final appellate jurisdiction, and end "judicial surveillance” from Britain.

"We must fully repatriate our sovereignty. And, in going forward, we invite the Opposition to follow through on the statements which it recently made that we were ‘not far apart’ in our respective positions. Let us, together, complete this aspect of Regional Integration within the life of this administration,” the new Prime Minister said.

Mrs. Simpson Miller, the nation’s 7th Prime Minister, is being installed for the second time.  She led the People's National Party (PNP) to victory over the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in the general election on December 29, 2011, winning 42 of the 63 Parliamentary seats.


By Alphea Saunders, JIS Reporter


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