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The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation and the Office of the Prime Minister Audrey Sewell last evening (October 3) convened a meeting with the management of China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC), the National Works Agency (NWA) and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security Collette Roberts Risden and her team.

CHEC was represented by Chief Executive Officer Dr. Zhimin Hu and Head of NWA EG Hunter.

The meeting was called to discuss the current work stoppage on the Mandela Highway Improvement Project under the Major Infrastructure Development Programme (MIDP).

During the meeting, the Government officials noted that no formal complaint has been made to the Ministry of Labour of a dispute between the workers and CHEC. However, resolution of the matter is necessary in the national interest.

In that regard, the Government officials requested information on rates paid to workers and whether CHEC is complying with industry standards.

CHEC assured the meeting that rates are paid based on industry standards. The CHEC officials also noted that work on the Mandela Improvement Project continues even though approximately 20 drivers are not operating in a normal fashion.

The management of CHEC assured the meeting that it will continue its work to ensure that the December deadline for the completion of the Mandela Highway project is met.

The Government will continue to monitor the situation.

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