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Government is taking a comprehensive look at its diplomatic missions across the world, in order to penetrate new markets abroad so as to increase exports and to bring investors from those countries to establish and expand business opportunities in the island.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Trade, Dr Kenneth Baugh, who is in Nassau, Bahamas as part of the Jamaican delegation for the March 7-8 Inter-sessional meeting of CARICOM Heads of Government, told members of the Jamaican community there, that the government was looking at establishing new missions in a number of countries not previously explored. These include countries such as Brazil, Spain, Kuwait, South Africa and Haiti.
Dr Baugh, along with Industry Minister, Karl Samuda, had joined Prime Minister Bruce Golding in addressing a special meeting of Jamaicans at the Bahamas-Breezes hotel last night (March 6). They took the time out to update Jamaicans living in Nassau on the government’s social and economic programmes. Responding specifically to questions relating to the possibility of establishing a high commission in the Bahamas , Dr Baugh said a number of countries were very anxious for the Jamaican government to establish missions in their countries and they have demonstrated their seriousness by investing heavily in Jamaica.
Spain, he said was one such country, which has been investing heavily in Jamaica. He said that country has plans to build some 20,000 hotel rooms in Jamaica and had been contributing to Jamaica’s agricultural programme by investing some $3million dollars in a green house project as well as a development programme for the old capital, Spanish Town. He said the government was giving favourable consideration to their request to establish a mission in Spain.
Kuwait, is another country which he said was anxious to have Jamaica establish a mission there. Dr Baugh noted that a group of Kuwaiti parliamentarians had visited the island recently and had expressed an interest in Jamaica establishing a mission there. They have demonstrated their interest in Jamaica through their assistance with road and highway construction projects. He said Jamaica continues to have an intense and close relationship with several Caribbean countries and is especially interested in Haiti. Dr Baugh noted that because of their proximity, Haiti could be a good marketplace for Jamaican goods.
Dr Baugh said his Ministry has joined forces with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Investment to work along with ambassadors and foreign missions in helping to attract serious investment and employment generating projects to Jamaica.

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