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As the sugar harvest season gets underway, Prime Minister Bruce Golding has repeated government’s commitment to completely withdraw from financing the loss-making enterprises and to secure investors for the land, factories and other state owned sugar assets.
Mr. Golding was responding to an email during the March 4 edition of Jamaica House Live radio programme last night .
“I made it clear in Parliament that we are taking off the current crop. We are back out to try and see if we can secure investors for the sugar industry, but the Government is not in a position to continue to finance the industry.. In order to do it we would have to shut down some schools or a few hospitals and we just cannot do that .”
The Prime Minister cautioned that the next crop season will have less input from government.
“The next crop is likely to be adversely affected, but we are hoping that we can still at this stage, conclude negotiation arrangements for the privatization and for the complete restructuring of the sugar industry,” the Prime Minister said.

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