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Government has extended to the end of this month the test transmission permit for Nationwide News Network (NNN) to operate under its public broadcasting arrangement for professional services to deliver News, Current Affairs and presentation services.
This 30-day extension from May 1, 2009, will allow for completion of installations which are to be assessed by the Spectrum Management Authority. (SMA) The SMA gave approval to the Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica (PBCJ) for test broadcasting by NNN on the 90.7FM band for the initial period of 30-days from April 3, 2009.
Minister with responsibility for Information and Telecommunication, Mr. Daryl Vaz told today’s post-Cabinet press briefing that in May 2008, an application was made by NNN to provide news and Current Affairs Production and Presentation Services on the FM 90 Radio Spectrum Frequency reserved for use by the Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica (PBCJ).
He said the matter was considered by the Procurement Committee of the then Ministry of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports and approved for submission to the National Contracts Commission. However, the NCC advised that the proposal was an “economic opportunity” and not a procurement transaction since it did not satisfy procurement criteria. A recommendation was made for the proposal to be put before the Cabinet for a policy decision.
Mr. Vaz said Cabinet gave approval for the execution of an Agreement between the PBCJ and Nationwide News Network Ltd. He disclosed that a Draft Public Service Broadcast Radio License has been reviewed by the Attorney General’s Chambers and now awaits the input of NNN for finalization.
In addition, Cabinet has approved the reassignment of KOOL 97FM to PBCJ. Mr. Vaz said the move has been made to improve efficiency in the use of the available infrastructure for communication between government and the public.

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