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Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Audley Shaw, said that in an effort to stamp out corruption in the country’s revenue collection, several changes have been implemented.
The changes include the re-establishment of the Revenue Protection Division (RPD) and the appointment of a new Director to oversee the operations of that department. Mr. Shaw said that the RPD is committed to protecting the collection from all its departments, especially where there has been an escalation in illegal activities.
The Minister said that a new Director has also been appointed to the Financial Investigative Division (FID). He said the Public Accountability Inspectorate Division (PAI) has also been re-established in the Ministry of Finance and will look at all the reports and recommendations from the various departments such as the Auditor General, Public Accounts Committee and the Contractor General. He said this was being done to ensure that these agencies are conforming and that change is in fact taking place.
Mr. Shaw said that we have to be serious about the issue of governance and about cleaning up Government so as to cut corruption and prevent the country from being robbed of vital revenue.
The Minister was speaking on Tuesday (Jan. 27) at the Jamaica Customs Department’s Consultation Workshop at the Mona Visitors’ Lodge at the University of the West Indies (Mona).