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The Police Officers’ Association and the Government on (Oct.18), signed a new two-year wage agreement at the Heroes Circle offices of the Ministry of Finance and Planning.
Under this agreement the members of the Police Officers Association, which represent Jamaica Constabulary Force members from the rank of Assistant Superintendent to Commissioner, will receive a 19 per cent wage increase in year one, and a 6.5 per cent increase in year two.
These new salaries are expected to take effect in November, while retroactive payments will be made in December.
Speaking at the signing ceremony, Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Fitz Jackson outlined that in addition to the wage increases, the police personnel would benefit from an increase in their uniform allowance by 75 per cent, relocation allowance, death benefits, service pay and other technical allowances.
He noted that the Ministry intended to have periodic discussions with the various negotiating groups throughout the period of the wage agreement.
“That is important for us from an industrial relations perspective, which is to ensure that the undertakings, which are given in the agreement, we have a mechanism to monitor their implementation,” he said.
Chairman of the Association, Superintendent Norman Heywood, expressed satisfaction with the agreement, stating that, “whilst the signing of an agreement is a milestone in a continuous negotiation process.the manner in which the negotiations were conducted were in good faith, it was with respect, and it goes to show that you can conduct a negotiation without undue animosity”.
Meanwhile, the government is expected to sign a new wage agreement with the Island Special Constabulary Force today (Oct. 19).