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Minister of Education, Rev. the Hon. Ronald Thwaites, has stressed that teachers who uphold high standards in the education system, need not fear the new regulations to be put in place under the Jamaica Teaching Council (JTC).

“The good teachers of Jamaica must not be afraid of the regulations that are soon to come to advance the pedigree of the profession… we must ensure that we fulfill the requirements of discipline and good order that the profession requires,” the Minister stated while addressing Hampton High School’s 2012 Valedictory Service held on June 17 on the nearby Munro College grounds in St. Elizabeth.

The JTC will have responsibility for the enhancement and maintenance of professional standards in teaching, and the professional status of teachers. Its principal functions will be the development of the registration and licensing standards and the accreditation of teacher certification.

Minister Thwaites said that for those teachers, who value their work, “we have nothing but praise, nothing but lifting up of their luster”.

He noted however that those teachers, “who don’t come to class regularly, who abuse the generous leave provisions, who don’t prepare… or who treat some children as being worthy of being taught, and put the others aside to simply pass through the system, frankly, the call of the new Jamaica requires that they either mend their ways, or pack their bags and go."

The Minister, in the meantime, urged the nearly 300 graduates to value and make full use of the quality secondary education, with which they have been provided. He said that in the past, only the minority had access to a good education, and for the strides that have been made, much thanks must be given.

“Recognise the tremendous gift that has been given to you to be students of this school. Today is a day for giving thanks, giving thanks to this goodly company of parents and relatives, who are connected to your success. Before you sleep tonight, find someone whose effort and whose willpower has brought you to this place, and tell them thanks,” he stated.


By Garfield L. Angus, JIS Reporter

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