JIS News

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has stated that good and steady progress was made over the three day special meeting of the Cabinet.

At the session today, (Saturday, January 12) Ministers reported on their strategic priorities for 2013/2014 and the Cabinet examined the issues with a view to taking decisions as to the final shape of the upcoming budget, against the background of the Economic Reform Programme and discussions with the International Monetary Fund.

The special meeting of the Cabinet settled on important measures to be adopted in shaping the 2013/2014 Budget, and the economic development programme, including the acceleration of job creation.

The legislative programme for the current fiscal year and for the year ahead were discussed and Cabinet examined, among other things, the further strengthening of the institutional capacity of the security forces, crime prevention and community safety. It took note of the increase in tourism arrivals and the proposed modernization of the agricultural sector.

There was further evidence that joined – up approaches were being successfully employed and the Prime Minister encouraged this kind of synergistic, cooperative planning and implementation, and insisted that it was important to sustain this approach, especially in a time of fiscal constraints.

The Cabinet committed to intensifying communication and dialogue with the society to ensure citizens have a full understanding of the Government's policies and programmes and the national strategic direction.

There will be a full briefing to the media on Monday next of the three day special Cabinet meeting. An update on matters related to aspects of the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund will be provided at that time.