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Several students at the Golden Grove All-age School in St. Ann displayed their talents in song, poetry and dance at the school, recently, as part of heritage week celebration under the theme: ‘Embracing our Heritage . Out Of Many One People’.
Students from grades three to nine enjoyed themselves and entertained an audience, comprising students, parents, teachers, and members of the wider community, as they presented items of folk and patriotic songs, negro spiritual and dub poetry, in what was termed their ‘Culture Day’ activities.
Velma Grandison, Guidance Counsellor at the institution, who organised the cultural exercise, told JIS News that, “over the years, we have been arranging these functions, but this year, we have gone all out because we want to entrench our culture into the new generation”.
“We also need to reinforce patriotism, and now that the new curriculum embraces our cultural heritage, we think this is one way to help our teachers and students become greater aware of where we are and from where we came, and this will also better equip our teachers to teach about our heritage,” she said.
Albert Bailey, Principal of the school, said that there was the need for the institution to focus on Jamaica’s culture, “and so we do this, not only for students, but for the wider community, because we want to ensure total education for all, and that our children can make a difference by contributing to the good of society”.
As part of the day’s activities, there was a display of traditional items, including 18th century garments and footwear, goblets, the sod iron and three-foot pots, as well as food items such as potato pudding, pones, and pepper-pot soup.

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