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Former Governor-General of Jamaica, His Excellency Sir Howard Cooke, has called on the global community to put its creative energies into solving problems of hunger and famine, rather than creating weapons of destruction.
Man, he said, should be using his ingenuity to create a better place for all mankind. “The energy that is put into the creation of destructive forces in the world; if all that energy were to be used to help mankind to solve its problems, what a great country each of us would have?” Sir Howard posed.
He was speaking at the 8th World Congress of Consuls yesterday (Nov. 7) at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Montego Bay.
According to the former Governor-General, the world had enough resources to satisfy all its people and if money spent on manufacturing guns, bombs and ammunition, could be channeled into bringing water to the deserts of Africa, then there would be no famine or wants on that continent.
“Unfortunately, we hear more of the sordid events and destructive forces at work, rather than news of the good and compassionate circumstances that help people to grow,” he pointed out.
The world, Sir Howard said, should not celebrate the death sentence handed down to former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, instead he said, there should be a showing of love, understanding and forgiveness.
Meanwhile, he commended the cultural diversity of the Congress of Consuls, stating that this diversity should make the grouping a powerful body, whose voice should be heard against injustice and inequality.
He pointed out that the imperative of the organizations should be a leveling of the playing field and creating equal opportunities for the benefit of all.
The World Federation of Consuls was founded in 1982 and meets every three years. Representatives from approximately 80 countries are attending the six-day Montego Bay Congress, which ends on November 9.

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