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The Giddy Hall All-Age School, in St. Elizabeth, opened its computer laboratory on Sunday (June 14).
The facility, donated by the school’s Alumni Association’s New York Chapter, houses some 23 computers and was constructed at a cost of US$46,000 (approximately J$4 million).
The Principal, Lucille Barnaby, lauded the work of the graduates, as being very supportive of the students and the community.
“We work hard to help our children succeed academically, socially, spiritually and otherwise. This school can boast of the achievement of our students, who are contributing significantly to the development of society. You can find them in the different sectors – financial, health, education and agriculture,” Miss Barnaby stated.
Guest speaker, Parish Manager for the St. Elizabeth Social Development Commission (SDC), Sandra Emanuel, said the Commission was actively involved in social development, and was willing to interface with other stakeholders to enhance the quality of life in the communities, and to achieve the overall objective of community development.
President of the Alumni Association, Minnel Porter, said that among the current student population are future teachers, lawyers, farmers, carpenters and police officers.
She told the students that they can be successful, if they put their best in whatever they choose.
“I firmly believe that anything that I have become can be traced back here to my beginnings at this school. And computers are the doorway into the world today, and (will be) for generations to come,” she said.
“The computers are keys to the treasure of knowledge and roads that lead to jobs, as it helps in doing research, learning geography and understanding science, she added.
The Giddy Hall All Age has a population of 215 students, and nine teachers.

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