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Wife of the Governor-General, Her Excellency the Most Hon. Mrs. Allen, is calling on more members of the society to volunteer their services to homes catering to the elderly and the less fortunate.
Speaking with JIS News, during a tour of the Missionaries of Charity Home for the Aged, Tower Street, downtown Kingston Tuesday(June 2), Mrs. Allen encouraged individuals to visit the residents of the homes have them tell their stories and pass them on to the children.
Mrs. Allen noted that the elders are “the pillars on which we are now resting,” and should be respected for contributing to the development of the society. She said that, even though some of them have lost their faculties, they still have a love for life.
Mrs. Allen, and the wives of a number of Ambassadors to Jamaica, visited various sections of the facility, including the male and female wards. They also presented residents with gifts.

Wife of the Governor-General, the Most Hon. Mrs. Allen (right) interacts with a resident at the Missionaries of Charity Home for the Aged, Joyce Murratt, during a tour of the facility in downtown Kingston on Tuesday(June 2). Sharing in the moment from left are: resident, Louise Douglas (seated), Sister Superior, Sister Lipika, and wife of the Ambassador of Argentina to Jamaica, Fanny Pino.

Sister Superior at the facility, Sister Lipika, said that the volunteers at the home are mainly from overseas and only a few are Jamaicans. However, sometimes students from St. George’s College and Alpha Boys School go there to do community service.
Sister Lapika noted that the residents are mostly drawn from the streets, as well as patients released from the Kingston Public Hospital with no place to go. Currently, there are 75 residents at the home which can accommodate up to 80 persons.
Sister Lapika also pointed out that while the home is located in an inner city area (Southside), residents are very respectful. During the visit, residents were in a jubilant mood. They engaged the visitors in conversation, whilst others entertained them by playing musical instruments and singing songs.
Missionaries of Charity is a Catholic religious order, founded in 1950, to care for the poorest of the poor in society.

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