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    Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Honourable Dr. Patrick Allen, is seeking the support of the police for his ‘I Believe’ campaign, which aims at inspiring and motivating Jamaicans to achieve their full potential.
    “I believe that the Police Federation can pilot a segment of the ‘I Believe’ programme, which would serve to inspire and motivate our people to achieve their full potentials and, in turn, nurture a new relationship between police officers and the people,” Dr. Allen said.
    “If you join in this campaign of ‘I Believe’, I think that we will begin to see such transformation in this nation, that will make your work easier and keep you safer, as well. There is nothing wrong with Jamaica that cannot be fixed by what is right with Jamaica, and you are what is right with Jamaica,” the Governor-General added.
    Dr. Allen was giving the keynote address at the 66th Annual Joint Conference of the Jamaica Police Federation at the Starfish Hotel in Falmouth, Trelawny on May 27.
    Activities for the conference, which is being held over two days, are being carried out under the theme ‘Achieving Excellence in a Resolute Quest for Service and Empowerment to Members’, and has attracted members from across the island.
    “In your effort to become the ideal police officers, I urge you to develop compassion and understanding, as these are two of the qualities that will help you to fulfill your mandate credibly,” the Governor-General said.
    He commended the leadership of the Federation for its commitment and service, and for the vital support it has provided for its members; and urged that the outcome of all deliberations will be for the common good of the society.
    “The choices we make today, how we treat the opportunities resting in our hands, will determine the quality of our economic, social and spiritual future. For any organisation to succeed in challenging times, it will need people who are constantly and consistently going beyond the ordinary because of their personal commitment to excellence,” Dr. Allen told the police.
    He also that, in the final analysis, they would only transcend mediocrity by embracing ambitious goals and working tirelessly to accomplish those goals.
    Dr. Allen said that, over the years, he had come to accept that excellence was achieved by the persistent pursuit of what was right, and by observing the principles and laws that guide the society.
    He pointed out that the police should understand the meaning of excellence, which required always doing more than what was expected of them.
    “As a Federation, you have the opportunity and you are in the position to call on your members to set new standards in their service to all of our citizens, who rely on your integrity and commitment to build a just and civil society,” Dr. Allen said.

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