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The unveiling of a special 150th anniversary commemorative plaque as well as the launch of a speakers programme were the highlights of a recent visit by Governor-General Professor Sir Kenneth Hall to Hampton School in St. Elizabeth.
Speaking at a ceremony held on the school grounds, Sir Kenneth noted that Hampton continuing as a learning institution after so many years was a remarkable achievement.
“If you think back to the beginning of this school just after Emancipation, very few institutions that were created at that time continue today but yours was not simply survival. Your institution has continued to excel and indeed to expand physically, and academically and you have continued to provide leadership to the ladies of Hampton,” he said.He pointed out that the whole business of “education” was much more than merely the transmission of “knowledge”.
“Neither is it limited to just the transfer of culture or history, it is about transforming lives and what you have done here over these 150 years is really in a sense to play a significant role in the transformation of a post-emancipation ex-slave society into the creation of a society which now faces with some confidence a global environment,” he said.
The Governor-General explained that as former Chairman of the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) he was always pleased to see Hampton’s external examination results.
“The Principal just indicated the passes that you had for last year, you can imagine how happy I am that Hampton happens to be one of the highest performers on that exam not only in Jamaica but across the region,” he said.
Hampton School is currently on a drive to raise $150 million to build a 6th form block. Earlier in the day Sir Kenneth visited both Munro College and Bethlehem College where he spoke with the students about the need to pursue academic excellence.

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