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Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon Sir Patrick Allen, has challenged students from communities in Tower Hill, Kingston, who excelled in the recent Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) to continue to strive for excellence.
“Do the best in high school and come out to something. Do not waste these years. Keep that motivation with you, keep that inspiration (with you),” he preached.
“I am inviting each one of you to come back when you have graduated from high school. It is a date and I am looking forward for you to come back. If all of you come back at the end of high school, we will have another setting like this,” he said.
The Governor-General was addressing a special luncheon for the children at King’s House in Kingston on Tuesday (September 1).
Using his experience of growing up in a rural community, he told them that he never dreamt of becoming the country’s sixth Governor-General. He said that with hard work and determination, they too, regardless of their circumstances, could also become successful in life.
“You can become what you want to become. Your circumstances should not hold you down. Never allow the things around you to become your handicap. Aim high,” he admonished.
“When you go into the world of reading, then you have entered a new experience because you sit here and if you have a vivid imagination you are experiencing what is happening (the world over and becoming more informed). If you do nothing else make sure you read,” he urged the students.

Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen (2nd left), interacts with students, teachers, and community members of Tower Hill in Kingston, at a special luncheon held at King’s House on September ,1 to honour students of the community, who excelled in the recent Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT).

The Governor-General commended the students on their achievements, imploring them to use the opportunities offered in high school, wisely.
“Attitude plus aptitude equals altitude. It is your attitude, the respect, the courtesy, the politeness, your behaviour and so forth, added to your aptitude, that is your study; what you learn will be equal to the height that you go,” he stated.
Co-ordinator of the initiative, D. Rodriques Rowe, said that she felt it was fitting to have the children exposed to “true leaders” in the society, and dining with the Governor-General was a way of commending them for their achievements.
“This is part of the encouragement, the affirmation for them to go places beyond Kingston 11,” she said.
Colleen Stewart, who will be attending Wolmer’s High School for Girls this month, noted that it was a great experience to dine with the Governor- General. She said that she will share the message that he delivered with her friends who were unable to partake in the luncheon.
Another student, Leon Moxam, who will be attending Norman Manley High, said that upon completion of high school, he will be returning to visit the Governor- General.
He said that he has learnt from the message delivered that, “you are not going to reach anywhere in life, if you don’t read and take up your books.”

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