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The Governor General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, has called on Jamaicans to unite efforts to restore discipline to the society, and bring the country back from the precipice of social destruction.
Giving the main address at a civic ceremony at the Claude Stuart Park, Port Maria, St. Mary, on Thursday (October 1), to welcome him and Lady Allen to the parish, he said the time had come for the nation to speak with one voice.
“Let it be known that Jamaicans are no longer prepared to accept and embrace disrespect and other forms of anti-social behaviour as the norm in the country,” he said.
The function, organised by Custos of St. Mary, the Hon. A.A. “Bobby” Pottinger, honoured the Governor-General on his appointment to the Office. In attendance were individuals representing various parishional organisations, such as St. Mary’s: Chamber of Commerce; Lay Magistrates Association; Golden Agers Club; Principals Association; and the Parish Council.
The Governor-General and Lady Allen, spent several years teaching in various schools in St. Mary.
He asserted that the time had come for Jamaicans to take tough decisions, in order to put the country back on the right path. He added that it was important to realise that the country’s future depended on each person doing his very best in every situation.
Declaring his firm belief in the ability of Jamaicans to successfully confront the challenges facing the country, he said the exceptional ability displayed by Jamaicans in the areas of athletics, music and academics should serve as an inspiration for the achievement of excellence in other areas of endeavour.
Asserting that he is fully committed to the task of encouraging Jamaicans to believe in themselves, he said his “I believe” campaign, launched on his appointment as Governor-General, was based on his conviction that every Jamaican can make a contribution to national development.
Emphasising that together Jamaicans can motivate each other to believe that they can achieve their goals and visions of what Jamaica should be, the Governor-General said he was depending on community leaders, particularly Justices of the Peace, to hold high standards and work closely with their neighbourhoods to protect their communities from crime and violence.
In thanking the people of St. Mary for the warm welcome extended to him and Lady Allen during the activities, he also expressed appreciation to Custos Pottinger and his committee for organising the events.
He reminded the audience of the sense of gratitude he has for the parish, for the nurturing it provided when he began his career in teaching, there.
The function was chaired by Mr. Pottinger. Tributes to the Governor General and Lady Allen were paid by Member of Parliament for South East St. Mary, Tarn Peralto; Member of Parliament for Central St. Mary, Dr. Morais Guy; President of the St. Mary Chamber of Commerce, Jeff McKitty; and Principal of St. Mary High School, Col. Errol Johnson.

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