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A computer laboratory and library have been officially opened at the Garvey Maceo High School in Clarendon. The opening ceremony was held at the school on Wednesday (Oct. 22).
The laboratory has been established at a cost of $2.3 million under the School Enhancement Programme in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture.
Principal of the school, David Brown, in his remarks, said that the facilities were established by carrying out major upgrading of the previous computer laboratory and library facilities.
This, he said, included the creation of 163.8 square metres of space to accommodate a computer lab extension, a mini research centre equipped with three computers and Internet facilities, as well as a document centre in the library.
In addition, some 24 new computer stations and 12 computers have been added, all computers networked and a study area established in the library. The facilities have also been furnished with new tables, shelves, and a librarian desk while tiling, electrical and grillwork have also been done.
Mr. Brown informed that the computer laboratory was established in 1997 and was upgraded last year. It is now equipped with 26 computers, but needs another 36 for the full complement.
Dr. Fitz Russell, Director of Education for Region Six, who was the main speaker, said that the upgrading of the computer laboratory and library were welcome additions to the school.
He emphasised however, that students and teachers were being challenged to seek after education.”There are some things about education which are nice, such as a proper lunch room, or a good door on the staff room, but the real essence of education is a child who is willing to learn and a teacher who is willing to teach,” he said.
Some 1,200 students from Garvey Maceo High are to benefit from the upgraded facilities.

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