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Plans have moved into high gear for the staging of the first ever Marcus Garvey Fair, which is scheduled for the grounds of Liberty Hall, Resource in South Manchester on Sunday, February 26.
The activity is being organised by the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL), the Manchester Chamber of Commerce (MCC), Northern Caribbean University (NCU), the Manchester Environmental Protection Agency (MEPA) and the Resource Citizens’ Association.
Events Coordinator, Valerie Dixon told JIS News that the long term plan was to host the activity on an annual basis.
“This year marks the 85th anniversary of Marcus Garvey’s trip to Jamaica aboard his Black Star Liner ship and his first public appearance in Resource where he personally congratulated the community for the overwhelming support given to his shipping venture,” she said.
Mrs. Dixon noted that the Liberty Hall in resource was the second of its kind to be established in Jamaica in 1923.
“The day will be filled with activities centred around many points of interests such as a special exhibition of Garvey memorabilia, speeches and manifesto for economic reform, guided walking tours to places he frequented as well as a day-long cultural presentations,” she said.
Mrs. Dixon pointed out that the organising committee was hoping that a significant amount of funds would be generated for use on a number of community endeavours.
“As interest in Marcus Garvey is resurging, part of our thinking is that Resource can become a sort of mecca for Garvey scholars, one should never forget that in fact he was the first official national hero of Jamaica, we will of course kick off with an official ceremony and some of our specially invited guest includes Dr. Gilbert Allen, Custos of Manchester and Member of Parliament for the area Michael Peart,” she informed.

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