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Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, has given his full backing to the Mocho Welfare Association (MWA), an initiative by the residents of the Clarendon-based community, to tackle crime and violence in their area.
The Governor-General, who was addressing a prayer breakfast at the Lennon High School on October 28, said that initiatives such as these are needed to transform Jamaica.
“I hope that your efforts will lead to the positive transformation that you seek for Mocho. It is initiatives like these, at the community level, at the very grassroots level, spearheaded by good people like you, that will enable the entire nation to be transformed,” he stated.
His Excellency’s visit to Mocho was at the invitation of residents, who were seeking his guidance and blessing for the programme.
“The letter of invitation that I received to visit with you painted a picture of a beautiful, quiet, peaceful and productive community that has been changed in recent times because of the spate of criminal activities.
“Now, you have come together to share your ideas, tackle the serious challenge and to involve me in the initiative. I take it as a great honour to … stand in solidarity with the members of the MWA so that we can stamp out the monster of crime and violence in our communities,” he stated.
“Crime has devastating consequences and that is why I was so eager to endorse this initiative by the leaders and citizens of Mocho …for the sake of our children and for the future of Jamaica. Let the word go out that Mocho is fighting against crime and violence. Let the word go out that Mocho will be a model community and let others follow Mocho,” he added.
The Governor-General said that he is willing to go to every community in Jamaica that needs his help in making the island a better place to live. “I am willing to go to every community across Jamaica that needs my help so that we can create in this beautiful nation a place we can live at peace with each other,” he declared.
The Mocho Welfare Association, Together Improving Mocho for Everyone (MWA TIME), is the brainchild of resident Mr. Denton Atkins, and was formed in response to the recent spate of murders in the community. It has at its core, the pastors of the 35 churches in the community, the principals of the 17 schools, the four Justices of the Peace, the presidents of the non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the health representative for the area.
According to Mr. Atkins, MWA TIME is “a tool designed to cause the necessary intervention needed to alleviate the problems facing our community members, thus restoring peace, love and harmonious living amongst our citizens”.
“MWA TIME was conceived with the idea of bonding community leaders, members and other concerned groups in such a way that the youth of our community would benefit directly and or indirectly from the activities we promote,” he pointed out.
Mr. Atkins said that the organisation is seeking to enact skills training and mentorship programmes, a series of social activities, a scholarship programme to provide welfare for bright but needy students, and a community restoration initiative.

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