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The Police have been requested to conduct further investigations into media reports that 16-year old Dale Anthony Davis went missing during the operations by the security forces in May 2010 in the Tivoli Gardens area.

The request comes in the wake of a meeting on Thursday January 13 between Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for West Kingston, Bruce Golding, with Davis’ mother, Dawn Brown. During the meeting  Miss Brown admitted that she is not and has never been a resident of West Kingston and that she had not previously brought her concerns to the attention of the Prime Minister. Mr. Golding said he was only made aware of the matter through the media.

Miss Brown said her son had been living in Tivoli Gardens for the last two years with an Aunt. The Prime Minister had requested that she arrange for the aunt to accompany her to meet with him yesterday but only Miss Brown attended. A check with the police revealed that Davis was not among the persons who were detained in the State of Emergency, all of whose names were entered in a register.

The police have also stated that he is not among the identified persons who were killed during the security operations in West Kingston in May.

Investigations are to be carried out further and Miss Brown has been requested to assist in getting the Aunt to provide information to assist in the process.

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