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The Parent Teachers’ Association (PTA) of the Lluidasvale All-Age School in St. Catherine, has started a fundraising drive to fence the school.
A fun-day, to raise money for the project, was held at the school on Friday (Dec. 19). The event was strongly supported by the Lluidasvale community.
President of the PTA, Arlene Thomas told JIS News, that parents and teachers are eager to have the yard fenced to ensure the safety of students. “The school yard is so open. Anything can happen and because of that we want the children to be more secure,” she said.
She noted that the fence will also keep out stray animals that have been destroying the plants and fruit trees in the yard, especially those planted on Labour Day in May this year.
According to Miss Thomas, the Association has so far raised some $65, 000 but this was not enough to place the chain-link fence around the school, which is bordered by a cane field.
Miss Thomas, who is also Secretary of the Lluidasvale Community Development Committee, said there are plans to seek funding for the project with assistance from the Social Development Commission. The SDC will help in writing a project proposal, which will be sent to the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica.
Miss Thomas is also urging past students of the school to contribute to the project. “We are just asking them to give a hand. Help us to help the children coming up,” she stated. Some 200 children, from grades 1 to 6 attend the school.

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