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A fundraising event in support of paralyzed youngster Rodgeiph Haughton will be held on Sunday, August 15 at the Mandeville Hotel in Manchester.
The 12-year old lost the ability to walk some four years ago, when he was struck in the back by a stray bullet, as he played in his yard in Greenwich Town, St. Andrew. His mother, who is his primary caregiver, needs urgent assistance to care for his needs, including purchasing his medication.
The Foundation, a group of professionals and business people in Manchester, who have come together to support children in need of medical care in Jamaica, is organising the fundraiser.
“The group started in March, with the sole purpose of helping disadvantaged kids, who don’t have the benefit of medical assistance,” said Chairman of the group, Christopher Powell.
Explaining how the funds will be utilised, Mr. Powell said the members will ascertain the medical condition and needs of children that come to their attention and set up accounts at supermarkets and pharmacies, “where persons can go and be able to draw down on various items that they require.”
The fundraising event for Rodgeiph will get underway at noon and will feature vintage music from various selectors including Stokey Love from Kool Fm. There will also be a fashion show, with special appearance by contestants in the recently held Miss Jamaica Western pageant. Contribution is $2,000 inclusive of food.
“We are encouraging persons to support this charity event as it is for a good cause. This is the beginning, and we intend to help as many children and institutions as possible,” Mr. Powell said.

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