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The Trelawny Parish Council is working closely with the Traffic Authority in the parish to ensure a free flow of traffic this Christmas season.
Chairman of the Trelawny Parish Council, Mayor Jonathan Bartley told JIS News that measures have already been put in place to prevent traffic congestion, particularly in the town of Falmouth.”We have proposed that some streets accommodate one way traffic and we are asking the public to co-operate with the Police as soon as the system is fully implemented,” he said.
Mr. Bartley pointed out that motorists were now benefiting from a make- shift car park on land designated for the Falmouth Transportation Centre. “We have noticed that quite a number of persons have been parking their vehicles on the sidewalk and this has been a problem for quite a while. It is in light of this problem why we decided to set up this car park, which has been in operation for the past three weeks,” he added.
The Mayor thanked the Traffic Authority for the way members had been carrying out their duties and encouraged them to continue to be vigilant in the yuletide season.
He also appealed to members of the public to co-operate with the Police, so that order can be maintained in the town.

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