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The Honey Bun Foundation has launched the Gapp App, a business diagnostic tool that will enable micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to understand the areas of their business that require improvements.

The application, which was launched virtually on Wednesday, April 14, will be available on Android and IOS app stores free of charge.

It will make recommendations on how to fill the gaps identified through training, funding and assistance from business support organisations (BSOs) currently in the ecosystem. The links to these BSOs are built into the app to be accessed directly.

Each business with a registered account on the app can complete the survey once a month, and this will give them time to address the issues identified in each attempt. These results will also be available in the app for periodic reference.

Speaking at the virtual launch, State Minister in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Dr. the Hon. Norman Dunn, said that the app can be a valuable instrument for MSMEs globally.

“This app points persons in the direction that they can go, once they have identified this missing link in their business. This creative tool will not only serve as a beacon of hope for MSMEs generally in Jamaica but also can be extended worldwide, given that the GAPP app will be on different platforms and, therefore, can be used worldwide,” the State Minister said.

“The Foundation is not only creating something for Jamaicans but an application that persons right across the globe can access to ensure that their businesses develop and grow the way that it should,” he added.

Dr. Dunn lauded the Honey Bun Foundation for its contribution to nation-building and developing MSMEs.

“I want to congratulate the leadership of Honey Bun on making this a reality and to tell you don’t stop what you are doing because it is groundbreaking and shows that your corporate responsibility is not only extended to the persons that utilise your services but you are willing to share your experiences, knowledge and finances with the rest of Jamaica and the world,” he said.

The Honey Bun Foundation’s Gapp App was developed in collaboration with a local company, Niretech Digital Services, with main sponsorship through the Digicel Foundation along with silver sponsor, JAMPRO and Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA), Kingston Creative, Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) and Ex-Im Bank.

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