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The Ministry of Labour and Social Security’s National Advisory Board will be hosting a forum next month that will look into how best agencies and organisations can assist persons with disabilities to find employment.
State Minister for Labour and Social Security, Andrew Gallimore, speaking at the launch of Abilities Day 2009 Exposition yesterday (May 27), at the Abilities Foundation’s Constant Spring Road headquarters, outlined that the Government, along with the participating organisations, will be seeking to create an environment whereby persons with disabilities can work independently and provide for themselves and their families.
“All the agencies, non-governmental organisations and Government, will be sitting down and will be trying to find ways in which we can create that opportunity for the persons with disabilities. It is important that we know each other and find out how we can work with each other, because in these hard economic times, I know everyone is under pressure and if we can work together, we can make it,” he stated.
Noting that persons with disabilities are highly creative, Mr. Gallimore said that they could also be assisted to start their own businesses.
Abilities Day 2009 was held under the theme: ‘Empowerment through Employment – Just One Break That’s All It Takes.’
The occasion is used annually to raise awareness about the work of various organisations serving the community of disabled persons. Government and non-governmental organisations showcase their work, which serve the purpose of providing information on support services to persons with disabilities, while educating the wider public.

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