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The need for more effective parenting in the country, in order to ensure that children receive the necessary guidance and protection, was underscored at a recent parenting forum held at the Port Antonio Library.
The event, sponsored by the Portland Parish Library in association with the Ministry of Education’s Region 2, was part of activities in the parish to mark Parent Month in November.
In attendance were a large gathering of parents, teachers, and students from a number of schools in the parish.
The discussions highlighted the need for parents to more carefully monitor their children’s conduct and behaviour, and provide guidance for them in choosing their friends and associates.
Parents were encouraged to work more closely with schools to ensure that their children are performing well and conforming with school rules, and to provide guidance to other children in their communities, who may need such help.
Acting Senior Librarian for the Portland Parish Library, Nicholas Graham, expressed the hope that the deliberations will encourage parents to take a more active role in the rearing of their children, and set the necessary examples for them to become productive citizens.
Parenting Month is being observed under the theme: ‘Parenting – Right from the start’.

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