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Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator the Hon. A. J. Nicholson has said that Jamaica should strengthen relations with the Republic of Poland.

He emphasised that travelling by individuals between the two countries should be encouraged as part of the process to building stronger ties.

Minister Nicholson was addressing the launch of a promotional film for a Polish volunteer outreach programme community project, being implemented through the Holy Spirit Foundation, in Maggotty St. Elizabeth.  The launch took place on May 31 on the grounds of the Holy Spirit Foundation facility, in Maggotty.

Pointing out that Poland and Jamaica established diplomatic relations in 1975, Minister Nicholson noted that there has been limited bi-lateral cooperation between both countries since then, but said this must be improved on.

“The trade relations between us has to be improved, and that is one of the things that I in that ministry (Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade) will push, because it is my view that there are items in Jamaica that can be marketed to Poland, with the proper syncing and planning,” he stated.

He lauded the Maggotty project describing it as a unique community based one,  that should be promoted.

Meanwhile, Polish Ambassador to Jamaica, His Excellency Mr. Jacek Hinz, lauded the Government for its continued support of the work of the outreach programme, which has been ongoing across political administrations.  He also expressed appreciation to the many volunteers that have been working on the project, both locally and outside of Jamaica. He expressed the hope that the film will generate the interest of the Diplomatic Corps, in the project.

The promotional film tells the story of the implementation of the community-based Polish volunteer outreach programme in Maggoty, St. Elizabeth, while outlining several aspects of the project, such as: religious, educational, health, skills training, and the construction and operation of a meat processing plant. 

Over 500 persons, including children, from Maggotty and surrounding areas are benefitting.


By Bryan Miller, JIS Reporter