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Minister of Energy and Mining, Hon. James Robertson, has announced that the Government will be divesting the Font Hill property in St. Elizabeth to facilitate development.
Minister Robertson spoke with JIS News while touring a section of the 3,000-acre property in Crawford, in the parish on Friday (April 23), accompanied by Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, and Member of Parliament for South West St. Elizabeth, Hon. Dr. Christopher Tufton, and Member of Parliament for South East St. Elizabeth, Mr. Frank Witter.
In outlining the development possibilities that exist for Font Hill, which is owned by the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ), Mr. Robertson said, “The Font Hill property is ideal for a high-end tourism and new town development, with beach front, golf courses, and air-strips. But the surrounding communities will have to be accommodated. Minister Tufton has been telling me of a sport complex, with a vision of a stadium for the community. The area sits on the edge of the Font Hill property, and the development of a sport complex would not affect the value of the property, so I am in support of it”.
Meanwhile, Dr. Christopher Tufton said, “we are committed to working together to ensure that the property is developed, it will create jobs for the people of the area, and the recreation requirements. When the development takes place, there is going to be a greater demand for housing, and recreation. The anticipation in the medium term is, we will see this area more populated, in a way that creates value for the people”.
Mr. Witter agreed, remarking that the divestment and development of the Font Hill property will add to, and create more opportunities for residents of St. Elizabeth. “For a very long time we have been trying to develop South coast tourism and the Minister’s plan is in the right direction. Investment in tourism will bring greater opportunities for the people of the entire parish,” Mr. Witter said.

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