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A sum of $165 million has been earmarked for the Ministry of Local Government, Community Development and Sport’s Flood Damage Rehabilitation Project.This provision is contained in the 2004/05 Estimates of Expenditure now before the House of Representatives.
The project, jointly funded by the Government and the European Union has as its objectives, the rehabilitation of approximately 65.0 kilometres of flood damaged parochial roads with farming activities in six parishes namely: St. Ann, Manchester, Clarendon, St. Catherine, St. Thomas and St. Elizabeth.
Twenty kilometres of flood damaged roads in five parishes namely: St. Thomas, St. Catherine, Manchester, St. Elizabeth and Clarendon were also slated for rehabilitation.
To date several roads under the European Union Stabex Grant have been completed.
In Manchester, the Jones Depot and Mountain Valley, Centre Cut and Watermount (Footbridge), Silent Hill and Saw Hill as well as the Mollison, Devon-Malton and Bakers Common were completed.
In St. Ann, the Douglas Castle and Essen Castle, the Free Hill and New Ground Roads as well as the Barnstaple road were also completed.
Meanwhile in St. Elizabeth, the Geneva and Southampton and Darlintober roads were rehabilitated. Roads completed in St. Thomas include, Scotland Gate, Cocoa Walk, Stanmore, Island Head, Buckingham and Spring Side.
It is projected that for 2004/05 the rehabilitation of road packages will continue under which it is hoped to complete restoration work on two segments of roads in St.Ann and six segments of roads in St. Thomas. The rehabilitation of 13 segments of roads in Clarendon will also commence this year.
Furthermore, rehabilitation work is expected to start on two segments of roads in St. Elizabeth while restorative work is likely to be completed on another three segments of roads in the area.
In St. Catherine, repairs are projected to begin on eight segments of roads.
The project, which was originally scheduled to run from January 2000 to January 2004, has been extended to December 2004.

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