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Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Derrick Kellier, says every effort will now be made to ensure that Flexible Work Arrangements become a reality in the country.

He informed that a Ministry Paper will be tabled shortly and drafting instructions issued to the Office of the Chief Parliamentary Counsel, to facilitate the requisite legislative amendments.

Mr. Kellier was making his contribution to the 2013/14 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives, on June 4.

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The Minister pointed out that to facilitate across the board implementation, several pieces of legislation are being amended to remove restrictive clauses.

Some of these legislations include: the Holidays With Pay Act, the Shops Regulations, the Women (Employment of) Act, the Post Office Regulation, the National Minimum Wage Act and Orders, the Towns and Communities Act, and the Apprenticeship (Motor Mechanic Trade) Order, among others.

“Jamaica stands to reap many of the potential benefits of flexible work arrangements, including: increased employment as persons exploit part-time work; opportunities for second employment and job-sharing; increased productivity; and more time for family and personal interests, particularly if a compressed work week is utilized,” Mr. Kellier said.

Download 2013/2014 Sectoral Debate: Minister of Labour and Social Security, the Hon. Derrick Kellier

Other benefits include greater availability of services to customers, due to varied opening hours; more business days, and the resultant reduction in absenteeism to carry out personal business during working hours; and a reduction in the traffic congestion now experienced during peak hours.

The term ‘Flexible Work Arrangements’ refers to a variable work schedule, and incorporates the following: flexi-time, which allows the worker and employer the opportunity to arrange the traditional 40-hour work week as best suits their needs; part-time work with benefits; telecommuting; job-sharing and a compressed work week.

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