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Five citizens from the county of Cornwall have been presented with the 2005 Governor General Achievement award for outstanding contribution to community development.
The awardees are: David Henry (Hanover), Wilfred Nembhard (St. Elizabeth), Lincoln James (St. James), Cosmond Jackson (Westmoreland) and Beryl McClean (Trelawny).
At the presentation ceremony held on August 31 at the Invercauld Hotel and Great House in Black River, Governor General, His Excellency, the Most Hon. Sir Howard Cooke, congratulated the awardees, while calling for a renewal of the spirit of volunteerism in Jamaica.
He further urged Jamaicans to unite to address challenges such as crime and violence, and to celebrate the country’s various achievements over the years, including the hard work of its leaders.
“There is a tendency in this country to pull our leaders down and to say that they have contributed nothing and that ‘nutting nah gwaan.’ As a matter of fact, day in, day out, some people have one contribution to make and it is to say that nothing is good, this is certainly is not true'” he pointed out.He said there were many things for which Jamaicans should be thankful such as the very strong educational institutions, which existed.
“Look at the many great minds that have come up thorough our educational institutions. When I go to the university every year and I see the chancellor shaking the hands of thousands of first degree recipients, hundreds of second degree and sometimes double doctorates,” he noted.
Sir Howard further called on the members of the media to be fair and balanced in terms of the stories that they reported. “To keep saying that our country is only bad is not right as here in Jamaica, we are blessed with some of the greatest preachers, intellectuals, theologians.there is a creative genus of God in our people,” he stated.
Started in 1991, the Governor General Achievement Awards scheme seeks to identify and recognise excellence in persons, who hail from modest social or economic circumstances and have uplifted themselves and shown substantial social or economic upward movement at the community or parish levels.

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