JIS News

Some 350 fishermen from across Jamaica are slated to benefit from a fishing and swimming course being conducted by the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI).
CMI Executive Director, Fritz Pinnock, said that the programme, which is being carried out in collaboration with Food For the Poor, is “an attempt to equip them (fishermen) to fish in deep water offshore, away from the over fished shallow water shelf.”
“This training involves the use of advanced technology including GPS (Global Positioning System), map reading, boat handling and engine maintenance, as well as the basic competencies needed to operate safely and effectively in that environment,” he added. As part of the course, the fishermen are invited to reside on the CMI campus for a week of classroom work.
The CMI has already trained some 60 fishermen in phase one of the programme, which was launched in the summer. A new batch will commence training “in another week or two” he informed, noting that the fishers are being trained in batches of 15 to 20.
According to Mr. Pinnock, Food for the Poor, a charitable non-governmental organization, will provide each fisherman with a GPS at the end of the course, as well as a boat and engine.
The swimming aspect of the course will be carried out in a pool that the CMI will construct on its campus in honour of a student, who drowned recently.