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Residents of the St. Ann Infirmary benefitted from a day of special treatment and care, courtesy of staff of the Ocho Rios Branch of the FirstCaribbean International Bank (FCIB).
The bank employees washed and combed the hair of the residents, clipped their nails and served them a delicious meal of soup, rice and peas, curried goat, cake and ice cream, and drink. Items of furniture, including seating for the dining area, were also donated to the infirmary which is situated in St. Ann’s Bay.
Manager of FCIB Ocho Rios, Lorna Escoffery, told JIS News that the day was part of the branch’s ‘Adopt-a-Cause Community Outreach Programme’. “It’s not just handing over a cheque to someone, but to come and share, and to give some personal care to the infirmed,” she said, noting that the feedback from the residents was very good and the employees felt a sense of satisfaction. She assured that the bank would be doing much more for the infirmary.
Meanwhile, Quality Compliance Co-ordinator at the Bank, Shernette Gooden-Thomas, said the day was well spent. “Coming here today was good. We interacted a lot with the residents and it was all fun to hear their stories. It gave me a chance to really get to know these persons and respect them for who they are,” Mrs. Thomas told JIS News.

Quality Compliance Co-ordinator at the FirstCaribbean International Bank (FCIB), Ocho Rios Branch, Shernette Gooden-Thomas, gives a helping hand at the St. Ann Infirmary on Saturday, June 27.

Nickeisha Robb, HEART/Trust trainee at the branch, said that giving of herself at the infirmary made her feel “real good”.
“Just knowing that someone had a smile on their face today because of me, I must say that it feels good. I am aspiring to become a nurse, and being here today actually gave me an opportunity to be firsthand at almost everything to do with nursing,” she noted.
“I want to give God thanks for providing for these nice people so that they could come here today and give us a helping hand,” one male resident said, in expressing gratitude for the visit of the FCIB team.
In addition, Supervisor in Charge at the Infirmary, Yvonne Ferguson, thanked the FCIB staff for the donation and services they provided for the residents.

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