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Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr. Omar Davies tabled the First Supplementary estimates for the financial year 2004/05 in the House of Representatives on December 7, increasing the budget by $3.394 billion, up from $328.15 billion to $331.55 billion.
The recurrent sum has been increased by $2.487 billion and the capital by $1.378 billion.
The figures reveal that some $300 million has been earmarked for grants for emergency relief to provide benefits for the more than 100,000 persons who were affected by Hurricane Ivan. In addition, $100 million has been allocated to the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), under the Ministry of Finance, as an additional requirement for the refurbishing of schools that were also damaged by the hurricane.
Some $181 million has been set aside for subscription to the Inter-American Investment Corporation; $127 million for subscription to the Inter-American Development Bank; $36 million for subscription to the International Monetary Fund (IMF); $92 million for subscription to the Caribbean Development Bank; and $88.8 million for subscription to the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency.
A further $30 million has been allocated for the customs computerization project and $53 million for computerization of the revenue services.
Under the Ministry of Health, $20 million has been approved for the Health Facilities Improvement Programme, to among other things, facilitate rehabilitation needs of selected hospitals damaged by Hurricane Ivan. Also, $22 million will go toward Disease Prevention and Control as an additional requirement to maintain disease prevention measures in light of the disaster.
The Ministry’s South East Regional Health Authority is to receive $116 million for grants for the delivery of health services, inclusive of $83 million for the Bellevue Hospital. The Western Regional Health Authority is to receive $54 million; North East Regional Health Authority, $48 million; and the Southern Regional Health Authority, $65 million.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of National Security is to receive some $108.9 million for the construction and improvement of police stations and other buildings, and $134.8 million for the purchase of motor vehicles and boats.
The Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture has been allocated $280.7 million for the development of books and other educational materials; and $17.3 million for its Secondary Schools Upgrading Programme, to purchase equipment and land. The Enhancement of Basic Schools Project, which is a joint Caribbean Development Bank Project will receive an additional $57 million, while the Improvement and Expansion of Primary Education Project (Phase II) is to receive $1.25 million. In addition, the Reform of Secondary Education (ROSE) project has been allotted $4.6 million.
The New World Screwworm Eradication Project in the Ministry of Agriculture will receive $181.3 million, while $27.8 million will go toward forest development and management.
A sum of $ 50.8 million has been allotted to the Central Sorting Office, under the Ministry of Commerce, Science and Technology. The Ministry of Land and Environment is to receive $43 million for the purchase of equipment as an additional requirement for the relocation at Portland Cottage in Clarendon, which was devastated by Hurricane Ivan.
The Ministry of Transport and Works has received $701.2 million for the National Road Improvement Project (NRIP); $89 million for Traffic Management and Control; and $500 million for Flood Damage Rehabilitation Project.

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