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OCHO RIOS — Councillor for the Calderwood Division in St. Ann, Vinette Robb-Oddman, was on April 13 officially installed as Mayor of St. Ann's Bay, becoming the first woman in the parish to hold the position.

She replaces Ivan Anderson, who resigned as mayor and chairman of the St. Ann Parish Council in January.

State Minister with responsibility for Local Government, Hon. Robert Montague, who addressed the historic swearing in ceremony held at the St. Ann's Bay Anglican Church Hall, congratulated the new mayor and pledged the full support of his office.

He also commended her for the work she has been doing as chairman of the council since Mr. Anderson’s resignation.

Mr. Montague advised Mayor Robb-Oddman, in carrying out her duties, to call upon the experience of the former mayors and involve them in decision making.

"Work with your councillors; seek their advice and support. Work with your secretary/manager, respect your staff members and motivate them and involve them in what the council is doing," he urged.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Northeast St. Ann, Shahine Robinson, congratulated Mayor Robb-Oddman, and expressed confidence that she will serve the parish well.

"I believe that you truly deserve this. You have served the people of the Calderwood Division well and I know that as Mayor of St. Ann's Bay, you will indeed serve the people of the wider St. Ann to the best of your ability," she said.

The MP encouraged members of the council to work with the new mayor and support her efforts for the growth and development of St. Ann.

In adding her commendations, Member of Parliament (MP) for Southeast St. Ann, Lisa Hannah, said Mayor Robb-Oddman is a dedicated public servant, who has the interest of the parish at heart.

"She is always looking out for the people; always giving a helping hand whenever she is called upon, whether night or day and I know that she will serve the Council well," Miss Hannah said.

The new mayor, in responding to the accolades and well wishes, said she was honoured to be the first female mayor of St. Ann and pledged to work for the development of the parish.

"My aim is to include my 15 councillors, the administrative wing of the St. Ann Parish Council, as well as the citizens in making decisions. I do not plan to take a 'one man' approach in serving the people, but I will be focusing on team work. It is my goal to have the St. Ann Parish Council become one of the best councils in the island," she stated.

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