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Minister of Justice, Senator the Hon. Mark Golding, has informed that the first draft of a Bill dealing with the lottery scam should be ready by the end of November.

"I have been told by the persons working on that draft that I will have a first draft by the end of November. That would be a major achievement if that deadline could be achieved, as legislation takes time,” Senator Golding said.

The Minister made the disclosure during the debate on the Evidence (Special Measures) Act on November 23, during a sitting of the Senate.

Senator Golding explained that the legislation being developed will look at the types of fraud that are involved in the lotto scamming activity, which has emerged in the last few years.

“Our laws are somewhat dated in this regard and haven’t really provided the necessary tools to enable effective prosecution of those activities,” the Justice Minister noted.

Senator Golding said the Office of the Director of Prosecutions had produced a report on the proposed new Bill, which was shared with the Attorney General’s Chambers, the Legal Reform Department and the Police Force.

A Cabinet submission was made and drafting instructions were issued to the Chief Parliamentary Counsel.

Senator Golding also pointed out that the Evidence (Special Measures) Act, which was passed in the Senate, will be used to assist with the fight against the lottery scam.

The Evidence (Special Measures) Act introduces special measures that can be used to facilitate the giving of evidence by vulnerable witnesses and other specified witnesses. The special measures include video and audio technology.

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