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Henry Morant, President of the Kerosene Oil Retailers Association, has called on firefighters in May Pen to monitor businesses, which distribute petroleum products.
“What I would like is that we ensure that all the players that are in the field of high-risk products, we bring them into line, because we have had too many problems the past five or so years,” he said, noting that the petroleum retail required serious regulation to prevent major fires.
Mr. Morant, who is a member of the National Petroleum Advisory Committee, was addressing a ceremony at the May Pen Fire Station on Monday (Oct. 23), to mark the start of a week of activities in observance of Fire Services Week from October 22 to 27.
He encouraged the firemen to take their responsibilities as firefighters very seriously. “Your duties and your functions to your community, to your parish, to your country, is bigger than you believe. It is no longer should be seen as it was 50 years ago . your role is very sensitive; it is of an imperative nature, to any country or society that desires sustainability.”
The firefighters commenced the week of activities with a church service on Sunday (Oct. 22) and the May Pen Fire Station has mounted a display of firefighting equipment, which is expected to be on display for the week.
The items on exhibit include fire extinguishers, hydrants, smoke detectors, fire safety gear, sprinkler systems, and pictures of the ‘jaws of life’ among other pieces of equipment and information.
Activities continue with personnel from the Fire Prevention Department visiting bush fire-prone communities on Tuesday (Oct. 24); places of safety, including boys’ and girls’ homes on October 25; and farmers’ groups on October 26.
The firefighters will conclude the series of activities with visits to nursing homes and a closing ceremony on Friday (Oct. 27).

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