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Fire Safety Awareness week is being celebrated in Clarendon from October 24 to October 30, 2004 under the theme ‘Fire Prevention.Develop the Habit’ In a JIS News interview today District Officer Livingston Morgan said the Clarendon Department would concentrate on fire prevention in homes.
“Our focus this year is really on the homes. We have realized however, that most persons are not at home during the days because they have to work and so we will be visiting a number of workplaces in the parish so that we can reach large groups of persons to encourage them to practice safety in their homes and to also take the fire prevention message back to their communities,” he said.
Some of these workplaces and business associations include the Monymusk sugar factory; the New Yarmouth distillery; JAMALCo; the Clarendon Hairdresser’s Association; Juici Patties; the Cane Farmers Association; Petroleum, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Kerosene Distributors; and the Clarendon Returning Residents Association.
District Officer Morgan explained that some workplaces such as LPG distribution outlets were considered high risk and so, emphasis was also being placed on visiting these places and improving public awareness of fire prevention measures.
In addition, a number of Day Care and Golden Age Homes are expected to benefit as he pointed out that these locations were also considered high risk as infirmed persons were unable to quickly exit buildings.
The week of activities commenced on Sunday, October 24 with a church service at the May Pen New Testament Church of God. District Officer Morgan also noted that the hotels and guesthouses in the parish would be inspected and that an inspection programme for business-places would continue throughout the year.

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